All orders are 100% carbon offset at no extra cost for you

About Us

At EcoBrands, we help you share your eco-beliefs with the world while offering effective brand engagement through creation of sustainable, custom branded products.


We are serious about sustainability and our mission is to change our world through the simple act of conscious buying. We bring the emerging trend in sustainability and eco merchandise to the forefront of promotional campaigns.


We are committed to finding the best eco-friendly solutions tailored to your brand’s specific needs and challenges. From concept to delivery, we will transform your ideas into reality!

Our Values

Integrity and Respect

“Everyone and everything matters”- we are ethical and honest in all we do and say

Be Different

We pride ourselves on offering unique, fresh ideas to complement your brand

Balanced Focus

While we believe in working hard, we do so in an environment that is welcoming and fun


We collaborate with our clients as a vested partner to create highly effective customised solutions

Carbon Offset Program

It’s not just about the products at EcoBrands. We’re passionate about achieving sustainability in all areas of our business to ensure we’re doing all we can for the future of our planet. We’re proud of our Carbon-Offset Program, which means we can provide carbon neutral branded merchandise to suit your every need

We are one of the first promotional companies in the world to 100% carbon offset everything we supply

In conjunction with the Carbon Reduction Institute of Australia, we calculate and account for the greenhouse gas emissions impact of all elements of production, manufacturing and freight of our eco-friendly promotional products and branded items

We offset the emissions produced in these activities through the purchase of carbon credits used for wind power generation projects in China, “giving back” to the local community


Why choose EcoBrands?

Cost Effectiveness

We have managed to make eco-friendly promotional products accessible for everyone by streamlining our processes to keep costs low. We offer the best value for your marketing budget in the eco-brand space

Carbon Offset

We offset 100% of our carbon emissions. By choosing carbon neutral branded merchandise, you can instil confidence and integrity in your eco-friendly brand

Ethical Sourcing

We source all our eco-friendly promotional products responsibly and sustainably. Our suppliers value fair working conditions and strive to create positive environmental and social impact