Trend Alert: Eco-Friendly Promotional Products

Posted on Aug 24 2020

Green is not a fad

The promotional products industry’s most progressive companies and sales consultants are rapidly becoming knowledgeable about the large range of eco-friendly promotional products which can carry both a brand and a powerful “corporate value”.

Choosing Eco-friendly Promotional Products

An important rule when choosing eco-friendly products to showcase your brand is to minimise any sacrifices you will need to make in order to purchase and distribute them. Basically, the quality, appeal and targeted effectiveness needs to outweigh the frequent higher cost of choosing a green promotional product.

Questions to ask yourself prior to a campaign, event, launch or branded merchandise opportunity include:

    • Who is your target customer and what is their view on environmental and sustainability issues?
    • Does the target business sector have the same views?
    • Will the product be used effectively in the hands of the appropriate recipients?
    • Do products under consideration have parts that wear out? (batteries, refills etc)?
    • Is there back up material to support any “green” claim made?
    • Will your proposed project result in excessive waste?

Eco-friendly Promotional Products

At EcoBrands, we help you share your eco-beliefs with the world while offering effective brand engagement through the creation of sustainable, custom branded products.

Please check out our latest Eco-friendly Collection for sustainable merchandise inspirations