5 trending Eco-friendly products in 2019

Posted on Dec 01 2019

It’s 2019 and the push to be more environmentally savvy is more important than ever. The green movement is here to stay. In this blog, we are going to talk about why eco-friendly promotional products must be part of your marketing. In addition, we will also provide some suggestions on how you can kick off your sustainable marketing campaign.

Why should you use Eco-friendly promotional products?

According to a study done by Neilson, it showed that in 2017, 73% of millennials were willing to pay more money for eco-friendly products.  Consumers are demanding companies to adopt sustainable practices. Further, according to the Advertising Specialities Institutes, 42% of people had a more favourable opinion of an advertiser if they received an eco-friendly promotional item. Therefore, eco-friendly promotional products should be part of your marketing mix.

By choosing environmentally friendly promotional products as part of your overall marketing strategy, your brand appeals to the majority of potential clients. Further, it also helps you create a positive image for your brand. Thus, before you decide to put your logo on to any product, think of how you want to be perceived. Do you want your brand to be represented by a cheap, throw-away plastic pen?

By now, you must have bought into the whole idea of eco-friendly promotions. However, you must be wondering how to implement eco-friendly promotional products into your marketing? You can kick this off with these sustainable promotional products. Here are the top five eco-friendly promotional products that you should consider for in 2019!

Reusable Metal Straw

Promotional reusable metal straws

Recently, Marriot International became the latest big international company to announce that they will stop using plastic straws starting next July. The use of eco-friendly reusable metal straws will help reduce waste by eliminating the need for plastic straws. These stainless-steel straws come in a pack of 4. They come with a cleaning brush supplied in a cardboard box with a customised label. It is sure to grab your customers attention.

Reusable Coffee Cups

Reusable Coffee Cups

More than 2.6 billion disposable coffee cups end up at landfill every year in Australia and they can’t be recycled. Branded reusable coffee cups are a great eco-friendly alternative.  We have a wide variety of designs and price points.  You are sure to find one that will meet your business needs. You can choose one from here.

Reusable Drink bottles

Eco-friendly drink bottle

Reusable drink bottles continue to be one of the most popular eco-friendly promotional products. Above all, promotional drink bottles are something useful that your customers will surely appreciate. Most importantly, you are promoting sustainable practice. You can choose the one that suits your brand and budget from here.

Eco-friendly Promotional Pens

Eco-friendly promotional products

Promotional Pens have always been the most popular promotional product category. However, gone are the days where you would want your brand to be represented with cheap plastic pens. There are various eco-friendly promotional pen options you can choose from here.

Reusable Shopping bags

Eco-friendly promotional shopping bags

Single-use plastic bags ban is a reality. This provides other brands with a great promotional opportunity. Even big grocery brands like Coles and Woolworths have joined the bandwagon. There are a wide variety of eco-friendly shopping bags that you can choose from such as jute bags, calico bags, non-woven bags and more.

How can EcoBrands help you?

At EcoBrands, we help you share your eco-beliefs with the world while offering effective brand engagement. Whether you need eco-friendly promotional products or a complete brand overhaul, our experienced team can help you express the values that underpin your unique brand.